The Law Of Whaaaat?

Remember back in 2006, when a book called The Secret took the world by storm?

It’s since sold 30 million copies in 50 countries, and is by any standards a publishing phenomenon.

The book is not without its critics, including scientists Carmichael and Radford who described it as

“a time-worn trick of mixing banal truisms with magical thinking and presenting it as some sort of hidden knowledge.”

Me, I just think The Secret is a mandate for hope over action. 

Sure, you’ve got to WANT “it”. And of course it helps if you really, really BELIEVE “it’s” going to happen.

But here’s the pin to burst your bubble – the cosmos isn’t listening. In fact, the cosmos doesn’t give a rat’s ass about any of us.

The only thing that’s actually going to deliver you any kind of success is ACTION.

Determined, progressive, relentless daily action creating something useful to your goals.

And that’s no Secret at all.

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