The low-risk coaching business

I’m not a gambler, and I don’t like taking risks with my family’s welfare and future prosperity.
When I launched the JHM business less than a year ago, I realised there are only three ways to make a good living from coaching:
1. Sell lots of low-cost courses to lots of people
2. Sell ultra-expensive services to really wealthy people
3. Find ordinary people whose lives you can transform, and ask them to pay for the value of that
The first two require reach, ad budget, a peerless reputation or all three.
I’m not saying you shouldn’t try to go mass-market or elite, just that there are not many folks doing those things successfully.
And compared to the third option, they’re way harder.
in fact, that last one just needs a willingness to implement a consistent daily process of engagement and conversations.
You can even start that today, and get a new client today.
And that’s the opposite of a long-shot, right?
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