The Perils Of Wanting To Feel Good

Full disclosure: I don’t feel good all the time. 

Not that that bothers me, of course.

Wanting to feel good all the time is a pointless, useless goal that’ll stifle your success.

Here are some of the “feelings” I cycled through just yesterday:

  • Trepidation – launching my 9AM FB livestream, not knowing if anybody would watch (they did)
  • Sadness – reading of racing legend Niki Lauda’s death
  • Panic – as 2 more clients signed up for my CAB programme hours just before it launched this afternoon
  • Tiredness – typing this for you at 9.30pm
  • Uncertainty – as I planned a JV with an inspirational writing coach from Indiana
  • Loneliness – speaking to my wife in Belarus – she’s back Friday!
  • Happiness – hearing of another wonderful success story for one of my CAB clients

The trouble with only “doing happy” – as someone claimed they did the other day – is that you end up doing not very much at all.

Growing, learning and creating brings discomfort, anguish and exertion.

Feeling good comes when it’s ready.


PS – Are you following #FBGroupsWeek in JHM? Here’s the link for today’s 9AM UK live video, where I’ll show you how to write content that sells. 

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