The Power of Reality

I’m thinking today about reality, but not always reality as we know it.

My wife is a big fan of Cake Boss, a factual TV show about a cake shop in New Jersey, and its quirky Italian-American owners.

It seems there are an infinite number of episodes, as these things do when they’ve been running ten “seasons” or more.

They’re always baking some crazy, elaborate cake in the shape of a full-size car, an alligator or something else you wouldn’t expect to see expressed in sponge and icing.

And this is what got me thinking:

If a business as ordinary as a cake shop, in a sector packed with competitive alternatives, can reinvent an extreme version of itself and achieve global fame, isn’t that a mandate for all of us to do the same?

We deliver personal and business transformation.

Not bloody cakes.

Our work impacts the lives of those we help on a much wider and deeper basis than if we’d just baked them a large dessert.

So, why not invent an extreme version of what you do?

Identify the biggest positive effect you ever had on a client, bottle it, and serve it out to all of us, loud and proud.

You’ll be the Coach Boss before you know it.


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