The problem with marketing

Great marketing can come at a price, especially if you’re on the receiving end. 

And double-especially if it’s a great marketer with a sub-standard product delivery.

Some I’ve seen recently:

  • A succession of glamourous young girls’ FB profiles fronting a male guru’s claims of 7-figure success
  • A heavily-advertised course promising all the things you need to conquer Facebook ads forever
  • The well-known downloadable programme with less than a 20% satisfaction rate
  • A slew of sales-first copywriters who suck you into their magnetic funnels
  • A best-selling author notorious for plagiarising others’ work

Just because they’re good at growing their own businesses, doesn’t mean you should let them loose on yours. 

Always look through the gloss of the marketing that got you to their doorstep. Then, open the door and take a look around.

Ask to speak to people like you they’ve helped recently, and find out if their results match what you’re looking to achieve.

If there’s none to be found, turn and run.

You shouldn’t be paying them to find their next clients.

You’re paying them to help you find yours. 

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