The REAL cost of how you’re living

US poet Henri David Thoreau famously wrote that:

“The cost of anything is the amount of life which is required to be exchanged for it, immediately or in the long run.” 

Let’s apply that to some of the things you might do today:

  • Browsing social media while you could have had a conversation with a prospective client
  • Eating stodgy food, impacting health, vitality and ultimate longevity
  • Blowing a morning at a networking meeting including a round-trip sitting in traffic
  • Buying an expensive gadget and working for hours to earn the money back you spent on it
  • Leaving money on the table by running your marketing and sales like a leaky bucket

The days are long, but the years are short.

All too soon you’ll be accounting for the true value of all that wanton waste.

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