The real price of your vague offer

When you’re not crystal clear what single, massive, transformational benefit you bring to your ideal client, all kinds of bad stuff will happen:

  • It’ll be hard to craft content that engages and sells
  • Your social media posts will baffle and tire your readers
  • You’ll be asked to deliver disparate, ad-hoc services, making your business harder to scale
  • People you don’t want to work with will mistakenly assume you can help them
  • As a generalist, you’ll never be paid what your specialism might have been worth

How do I know this?

Because I suffered from all this [and more] for nearly 15 years in my roller-coaster career with the foggy title of “Business Consultant”.

I suffer no more, because I know YOU’RE my perfect client, and I know I can help you attract YOUR ideal clients, with all that entails.

Inch wide. Mile deep.

Because the other way round sucks. 


PS – I’m appearing at The Client Attraction Summit, a one-off event on November 22nd near Birmingham, UK. It’s the only chance to work with me LIVE in 2018. It’s cheap but it’s not free, so reply “CAS” and I’ll send you the lowdown. 

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