The REAL reason for selling

My pal and business coach Karl Bryan hit a nerve when he said:

“When you think about making that call or sending that private message…

Don’t do it for you, your bank account or ‘to get a client’.

Make the call and send those messages for their kids, for their mental well being, for their confidence, and for their family welfare.”

And here’s why he’s so right:

You’re in this profession because you can help people.

If you’re mired in procrastination, fear or any other excuse for inaction, that’s a pretty selfish way to behave.

You have gifts, skills and solutions that transform the health, wealth and wellbeing of your clients.

If you’re not doing that, who knows how many lives will be lost, wasted or underused because you didn’t get there in time?

So send that DM, book that call, and start helping people.

Lots of people.

Also, do you know what happens shortly after you do that?

That’s right kiddo!


Love you lots

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