THE secret to influence

Two big reminders about how to grab attention hit me at the end of last week.

One happened as I spent Thursday morning with my old pals Richard Battye and Jeff Grant at River Studio in Birmingham.

We shot some cool video, and I realised how awesome it is to be working with experts in a properly lit environment, using professional equipment.

Compared to clamping the iPhone on a shelf and pressing “GO”, it’s like Premier League vs jumpers-for-goalposts in the park.

Then on Friday, I interviewed JHM design expert Simon Clements about the importance of having your social banners looking smashing and totally on-point with your brand.

Rather than showing your tribe something you knocked up on Canva in 5 minutes.
[Or 5 days – that shit’s hard, right?!]

Anyway, my Monday mentoring for you:

👉 You get a very tiny shot at a first impression
👉 People will decide your value at that point
👉 You have to reinforce that value every time you show up
👉 Pros can do stuff better, faster and often cheaper than you can
👉 Don’t wait “till you can afford an expert” – you can’t afford not to

How are you looking?

Love you lots

PS: If you’re ready for new banners, reply to this email with “banners”.
If you’re ready for professional photo or video shoots, reply with “shoots”. I’ll put you in touch with some great people.

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