The Success Gap

We can all visualise success and what it will feel like when we get there. Cars, houses, holidays, cash, acclaim, contentment…add your own to the list.

What’s harder to visualise, and even harder to commit, is what it takes to get us there.

The success gap is the distance between what you want and what you’re prepared to give to get it.  

I read a great quote from the manager of a small, underfunded IndyCar racing team. This is a sport where hundreds of millions will get you to the top, and this team is working with tens. They compensate for their relative lack of budget with uncommon commitment, blood, sweat and tears. Here’s what the guy said:

This team is not just working to survive; it is fighting to succeed.

And there’s the thing: Maybe its not just about how hard you work.

It’s about how hard you fight, and why.  

Author: Jonny Cooper | Join The Party!


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