The terror of messaging

Yesterday on the Client Attraction Academy Secret Session we tackled that hottest of hot potatoes.

Sending Direct Messages, aka DMs. 

In a lively one-hour workshop with the brightest of our community, we arrived at some fundamental truths:

1: Most people are clueless about any kind of writing, including being rubbish at writing DMs
2: If you’re a regular in JHM, you’re likely WAY better than most people, so your messages won’t suck
3: Therefore you shouldn’t confuse your feelings when you receive a lousy DM with how your clients will react to one of yours
4: DMs are an essential part of your social media marketing funnel, as they’re often the missing link between you and a high-value client
5: Nobody objects to a friendly, useful and relevant DM addressing a problem or goal close to their heart, even as a means of first contact

The Academy Secret Sessions just keep on getting better, and this week’s was truly one helluva workshop.

If you’re not in the Academy yet and you’re ready to make the leap, check it out here.


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