The worst lie your parents told you

If not your mom and dad, then definitely every self-help book you’ve read since has pushed you down the same blind alley. 

“You can be anything you want to be”.

Those 8 toxic words have entrapped and disempowered more people around the world than almost any other fairy tale.

Locked in the torment of believing you can achieve anything you set your mind to, you’ll be grasping at straws, gasping for air, and grappling with impossible dreams.

Here’s a more reliable route to your dream life:

  • Identify your values and your passion
  • Come up with an idea that serves those values and that passion
  • Calibrate the level of your ability to reach an audience who’ll pay you for your idea
  • Reach out for help, support and guidance to hone your idea and widen your audience
  • Check regularly if you’re getting closer to your dreams. If not, come up with another idea instead

That’s pretty much what every successful person does, every day.

Just don’t get seduced by wild imaginings, as down that road lies madness, wasted lives and crushing disappointment. 


PS – I KNOW you can succeed as a coach or therapist, and build a thriving practice. It’s not even hard. Lookee here. 

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