Their boss is dreadful…

You might have heard the term Quiet Quitting (made recently famous on TikTok) used to describe how employees refuse to do more than the bare minimum expected of them in their jobs.

And you can kinda sympathise. They’re probably working for a d**k-head boss or awful company, being chronically underpaid, undervalued and underwhelmed.

But I’ve noticed something altogether more baffling:

Coaches and therapists saying they want to grow their 21st century online businesses, yet refusing to do even the bare minimum necessary to make it happen.

  • Identifying their ideal client and relentlessly reaching out to them
  • Building a daily habit of engagement and conversations
  • Making irresistible offers to people they’d like to help

I have literally no idea why anyone would choose to Quietly Quit their OWN business.

Have you?

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