This concerns me

This is kind of a love letter.

From me to you, and if you adopt it, it’s from you to you as well.

I’ve noticed a disturbing epidemic in my glorious community of coaches, consultants and trainers, and it’s harming hearts, minds and bodies in equal measure.

I call it Shoulditis. (Pronounced Shu-DIE-tiss)

This is where you continually pour self-hate, loathing and scorn on your current effort, progress and achievements.

  • I should be making more money
  • I should be further ahead
  • I should have more clients
  • I should be working harder
  • I should be happier
  • I should be able to afford xxxx
  • I should be more renowned
  • I should be on TikTok (good one…lol)
  • I should be able to take a break
  • I should be more like him/her/them

etc etc…until you burnout, meltdown and get sick from an overdose of shoulds.

Well, here’s the truth: There is no should.

If you’re reading this, you’re already successful. You’re uniquely privileged compared to most of the rest of the world.

You have electricity, running water and an internet connection. You have a toolbox of skills, experience and knowledge that countless people will pay you for.

You are amazing.

There are only ever three things you “should” be doing:

1: Expressing gratitude for all you have and all you will have
2: Accepting that anything you’re experiencing now is only transitory
3: Asking questions, listening and learning from those already living the life you desire

Not only “should” you be ok.

You definitely will be.

Love you lots



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