This tool will change everything

Do you ever feel like you’re not enjoying life as much as you should?

Or, not having the impact on others you’d like?

Maybe too, like many coaches, trainers, therapists and consultants around the world, you’re being underpaid for what you do.

If any of that sounds like you, there’s a simple tool you need to try.

It’s called the Ikigai. 

In four overlapping circles, you make short lists under these headings:

  1. Things you CAN do
  2. Things you ENJOY doing
  3. Things the world NEEDS
  4. Things you can get PAID well for

Where they meet in the middle, that’s a space that contains only those things which are common to all four lists.

There’s rarely more than one, if you’ve answered honestly.

That’s your Ikiagi, your reason for living, your true purpose.

I do this with all my students, and it’s amazing how many times the answer is NOT what they’re doing at the moment. 

Now there’s a game-changer.


PS – The Ikigai is one of the foundations of the Client Attraction Blueprint, my small-group, high-attention programme open now for September registration. Check it out and click any button to talk.
PPS – Try the Ikigai for yourself, and let me know what’s in the middle. I’ll publish a selection of your answers in the JHM Facebook Group. 

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