This is when you should retire

Yesterday in JHM I asked the tribe when they thought they’d retire.

Overwhelmingly you said, “never!”

And I love that, because it speaks to what I call your Longevity Obligation.

This means you have a duty to spread your glorious gifts as far as possible, for as long as possible.

Helping more people to live better lives depends on your ability to continue living your optimum life.

I’m committed to postponing my old age by excelling in these key areas:

✅ Diet
✅ Sleep
✅ Fitness
✅ Mindset
✅ Community

Today at 4pm UK in this week’s Thank Flip It’s Friday™ LIVE training I’ll be helping you postpone YOUR old age in an unmissable session with my personal trainer, Emma Cowell.

Do Not Miss This!

Love you lots

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