This might make you anxious

Author Jeffrey Allen says that anxiety is often an energy imbalance because you’re about to reach a fork in the road of life. 

And haven’t we all had a few of those!?

Here’s some of mine:

  • Multiple divorces
  • Collapse of a £multi-million business sale
  • Subsequent personal bankruptcy and loss of home
  • Parental alienation of my first son by my ex-wife and her partner
  • Employing over 200 people before I realised I really didn’t want to do that

Each of those caused me sleepless nights and numerous physical and mental traumas, some of them long-term.

But I’ve learnt 2 things in retrospect:

  1. Nothing turns out as badly as I imagined it would, when I was living in fear of the outcome, and
  2. As soon as I made a decision to solve a challenge and move on, all the anxiety disappeared

So, my pro-tip for reducing the stress in any situation:

Work out what you need to do, and make it happen.


Procrastination in a whirlpool of hesitant deliberation is what breeds anxiety.

Instead of fearing an imaginary vision of the future, get yourself there more quickly and see what it’s like for real. 

Love you lots

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