Writing Week: Day SIX

Struggling for what to write?

Here are 3 pro-tips so you’ll never get writer’s block again:

1️⃣ Write about how you solved something for a client recently

This is great subject matter, as the reader will put themselves in the shoes of the client you’re referencing, and will be able to see clearly how you help other people just like them.

2️⃣ Write your answer to a question you already asked your community

When you ask a simple one-line question about something that matters to your ideal client, you’ll often get lots of engagement.

Follow that up later in the day with your own take on the same topic, and many of those people will engage with you again.

3️⃣ Requote something great you just read

This is easy content, as you can start by crediting some well-known author or expert, type in their words, and finish off with your summary, opinion or extended explanation of what they said.

This positions you as someone who’s in touch with great minds and thinks along the same lines as they do.

So there you have it.

No need to make s**t up.

It’s all around you, just waiting for you to grab it.

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