The Two-Minute Rule

Two Minutes

Author James Clear talks about a powerful 2-part strategy to overcome procrastination which is, as we all know, the enemy of action.

Firstly, if it takes less than two minutes, do it now:

  • Sending an email
  • Getting a glass of water
  • Taking the rubbish out
  • Emptying the dishwasher
  • Answering a text or other message

Secondly, apply a “two-minute” rule to bigger tasks:

  • Write one sentence that takes two minutes – you might keep on writing for an hour!
  • Eat an apple in two minutes and you’ll probably want to keep on eating healthier
  • Take 2 minutes to read one page of that book you’ve been meaning to start, and you’ll probably keep going

In other words, the SYSTEM is more important than the GOAL.

Getting STARTED is more important than getting THERE.

Think in terms of what you could achieve in two minutes, and you’ll soon discover the habit of staying the course, and making a real difference to your life.


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