Wanna coach the president?

I’ve noticed a limiting belief in some coaches and therapists around how high up the success ladder you’re qualified to help people.

Like “why would someone like THEM want to work with someone like ME?”

And that can leave you bumping along the bottom, working with clients who are yet to make an impact, and struggling financially too.

Apart from the damage that’s doing to your own business, you’re denying already successful people the benefit of your glorious talents.

As super-coach and author Rich Litvin says:

“You see, no matter how successful, intelligent or wealthy you are, it’s important to have someone in your life who is willing to challenge your thinking…and say the things that no one else will dare to say.”


  1. EASY ONE – Take a look around your network and ask yourself: who’s the wealthiest, most successful person I know, who’d benefit from what I do?
  2. HARDER ONE – Identify someone hugely successful you DON’T know yet, but who you’d like to, like the president of some country, somewhere.


Then go out and start a conversation with them!


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