Wanna write a book?

I interviewed 3x Sunday Times bestselling author Jamie Smart on my Facebook Show yesterday, and we revealed some compelling insights about becoming an author, and why you’d want to:

  • If you aim to write a book, start by writing profusely, from today. I write daily (you’re reading it!) and Jamie published a weekly column for years before he published his first book.
  • Jamie spent months writing a book which he subsequently binned, and started again from scratch.
  • Don’t write a book to get famous, to build authority, or to make a chunky business card. Write because you’ve got something important, unmissable and bursting to be said.
  • With the tools at our disposal today, it’s easier than ever to get your book written, edited, designed, promoted and published.
  • Generate a buzz for your book, end-to-end across your tribe of followers. They’ll propel you to bestseller status if you treat them well.

We also talked about the ONE thing that’ll have a transformational impact on your life, right now.

And Jamie called me out…gently.

Check out the show – essential listening if you feel you might have a book in you.  


PS – My first book, Jonny Hates Marketing – (99 Ways To Get Your Ideal Clients Chasing You Without Spending A Penny On Advertising, Working Like A Dog Or Losing Your Mind) is published on the 30th May 2018. If you fancy an advance paperback copy FREE in return for an Amazon review, click this link, comment “Book Please Jonny” and I’ll send you one.  

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