What are you doing on the 30th April?

30 April? 

That may be the last Friday in the month, but it could be the first Friday of the rest of your life, if you dig me.

It’s another of the legendary Jonny’s Days Off, and this time YOU can be part of it.

I’m back at the iconic Donington Park Grand Prix circuit, scene of Ayrton Senna’s fabled 1993 F1 victory.

Also, I’m driving the rather ballistic Caterham R300 (see the pic for a snap from last time) and I’ve just been told we can now take passengers!!

So, I have six (6) places open for JHM members who can get to DE74 2RP.

And, I’m going to award those places according to sales performance during April. Kind of like a celebration.

Here’s the criteria for joining me on this buttock-clenching adventure:

1: You must be physically fit and under 90kg
2: You can’t be a lily-livered cry-baby
3: You regard yourself as a mild risk-taker
4: You are making sales of coaching or therapy services
5: You are in the top six who report their sales figures to me by Wed 28th April
6: OR – if you are a private type who doesn’t like discussing grubby sales figures, you can buy a place for £99, which I’ll contribute to Cancer Research UK, my Mum’s favourite charity.

Reply with “BUTTOCK-CLENCHING” if you’d like to be in the running.

Love you lots

PS: Update – two places gone already, so four only left. 

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