What not to sit on

I met a coach yesterday who’s “taking a month off” after he landed a couple of big clients last week.

That sounds great, but it reminds me of some other premature “retirements” I’ve come across:

  • A therapist who stopped advertising when she got fully booked for 3 weeks ahead
  • An SEO consultant who didn’t pitch for new work when he got “too busy”
  • The social media manager who posted on her clients’ profiles but had no time for her own
  • A busy life coach who forgot to ask for referrals from his back-to-back clients
  • The business coach who told me she was “at capacity” and didn’t need any more clients

All those stories ended badly, to some extent or another.

When your snowball stops rolling, it melts pretty quickly into an inglorious puddle.

Starting it again takes time, money and creates stress that can make your previous success feel like abject failure.

Laurels. Sit on. Don’t.

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