What REALLY makes you money

Choosing when and how much you get paid is one of the foundations of your business mindset. 

It’s no use just wishing, wanting and believing you’re “worth it” or some other self-affirmations.

You need a strategy.

And there’s one simple sure-fire strategy that’ll make you solvent, sustainable and scalable.

I’ll tell you shortly. But first, here are some non-simple pseudo-strategies that’ll have you wasting time, energy and cashflow: 

1: Posting content all day, every day, hoping you’ll magically attract enough “leads” to keep you afloat
2: Building out your website in case people stumble over you and contact you in droves
3: Starting a podcast believing thousands of listeners might get enthralled with your voice
4: Signing up for directory websites like all your competitors do
5: Posting videos to your brand-new YouTube channel

All that stuff is Inbound Marketing, which builds up slowly over time. Or not at all, depending on your niche and your positioning skill. In other words, you could be waiting forever to generate any real momentum and revenue.

So here’s what REALLY makes you money: Outbound Marketing. 

This is where you identify people within your field of vision who look like your next ideal client, and start a conversation.

“Hey, I feel your pain. I might have an idea for you. Let’s have a quick chat sometime soon and see if I can share anything useful.”

Use that golden sentence, (edited only lightly for your own voice, if you must) five times a day, and I’ll guarantee you one thing:

You’ll have more money this time next month than you have right now. 

I’ll bet my reputation on it.



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