What’s a yes-stack, Jonny?

I’ll tell you what a yes-stack is. 

This is when you are talking with a potentially ideal client about becoming an actual ideal client.

You ask questions that require a yes or no answer, so you can calibrate how the conversation is going.

You might ask them:

  • Can you see yourself doing that?
  • Do you feel like this is holding you back?
  • Are you prepared to do whatever it takes to solve it?
  • Would your life be better if we could solve this right now?
  • If money were no object, would we be working together already?
  • Taking money off the table, can we be getting started on this right away today?
  • If we could work together for just a few weeks and make all that go away, would that be useful?

The more yeses you hear, the more momentum is built towards the final, inevitable Hell Yes – Let’s Do It!

Sometimes, creative, flowing open questions are great for triggering deep conversations.

But sometimes, you just want to KNOW, right?


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