What’s missing from your business

Cycling like a maniac in Sutton Park yesterday, scattering dogs, toddlers and dawdling pedestrians in my speed-freak wake*, I got to reflecting on the conversations I’m having in JHM these days.

Like, most days.

Universally, coaches and therapists seem to hit pretty much the same wall.

The bricks in the wall might be slightly different shades, but the wall always feels hard and impenetrable.

“Jonny”, you say, “I’m good at what I do, but my clients ain’t buying.”

Or, “I know who my ideal client is, but I can’t find them.”

Sometimes, it’ll be more like, “I can’t get any engagement on my posts.”

And as I skimmed my HardRock MTB a hair’s breadth past a loitering pensioner just south of 40 mph, it hit me:

Those things are all symptoms of the same malaise.

The Vagueness Virus.

This causes a lack of clarity around:

  • What transformational benefit does your client really get from you?
  • Who is your actual ideal client, from all your possible potential clients?
  • What makes you different from all the other vanilla practitioners in your space?
  • Who is the person you want to become, and what thoughts and actions will get you there?
  • How would your ideal future persona behave, show up, speak and write?

With the vagueness virus firmly taken root in your life, business and mind, you’ll forever be wandering around like the hapless ramblers in the park, while your enlightened competitors flash past you at 38.7 mph on their well-oiled machines.

Sorry, I’m slightly obsessed with my speedy Specialized cycle these days.

Almost as much as I’m obsessed with your success.

Love you lots,

*Yes, 38.7 mph baby! I’m fearless, brainless and careless.

PS: Don’t forget to register for the “Why Everything You Think You Know About Your Ideal Client Avatar is Wrong And How To Put It Right” workshop on Monday at 15.00 UK. A couple of VIP tickets only left, as I write. 

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