What’s your process?

We had one of our popular Hot-Seat sessions in the Members-Only Inner Circle live call yesterday. 

This is where we spotlight four of the members, who each get a chance to share their wins and challenges with the whole group.

One of the challenges was a talented fit-pro who told us he had a handful of “potential” clients swirling around in the neverland of his sales process, having committed neither a yes or no, but just a maybe.

Here’s what I advised:

Every interaction has a process attached.

If you don’t have a process, you’ll be working to theirs.

Their process is probably about a general enquiry, based on a vague desire, leading to a lack of anything useful.
Your process, by contrast, should be about a deep enquiry into their suitability as a client, followed by a genuine desire to enrol them on your programme. 

And, you should make this clear from the first interaction:

“If we establish your suitability for the programme, we can talk about your commitment in time, and financially. All I ask is a yes or no when we’ve done that. Is that ok?” 

Following their process, you’ll be chasing a rapidly cooling lead around the houses for months.
Following your process, you’ll know immediately whether they’re a client or not.

Which process is better for you?


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