When it’s OK to lie

You may have been brought up being told never to lie, so when is it OK to do this?

It’s when you lie to yourself.

Before I explain, here’s a caveat: lying to yourself to enable denial of something you really need to deal with will simply come back one day to bite you on the bum.

So don’t; it’s not worth it.

But here’s the good bit: your brain believes the words and pictures you tell it.

This means you can use your lies for your benefit.

For example, instead of saying,

‘I am useless, forgetful, stupid, weak and unable to attract clients’…

…tell your mind,

‘I am enough, I have a phenomenal memory and brilliant skills, I am strong and I can attract the clients I need’.

Do this several times a day, every day, until it becomes your new belief.

And that’s not such a big lie, because you are amazing.


This is a guest DBT by the wonderful Jacqui Carrel, transformational hypnotherapist and life coach. 

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