When to get paid

“Client says yes. Do you take payment or send an invoice?”

Well, here’s the truth:

There’s no better time to get paid than on the call when the client’s just said “hell yes”.


This is best practice NOT because:

  • You’re worried in case they change their mind
  • You need the money in your bank asap
  • You haven’t “closed” the sale until you’ve got paid

It IS best practice because:

  • It saves time for THEM and YOU
  • It gets the money conversation out of the way
  • You can now focus solely on delivering your glorious service

It’s hard to make a case for adding another step (or multiple steps) into the enrolment process, when you don’t really have to.

Chasing invoices, mailing out bank details, fingers-crossed waiting for them to pay – none of that is productive use of your time.

It also elongates the part of your relationship that’s defined solely by thoughts of your charges.

1: Get agreement
2: Get paid
3: Move on to the important stuff

Make sense?

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