When to shuddup…

I bet you’ve got opinions on most of the divisive, burning issues of our time:

  • Brexit
  • Trump
  • Religion
  • Vaccinations
  • #metoo

Etc, etc.

Trouble is, every time you express those opinions, you risk alienating someone who disagrees with you, but might otherwise be an ideal client.

Here’s my thought process on one of those:

  1. The UK’s divided 50-50 on Brexit.
  2. There will be coaches and therapists in both camps
  3. I’m happy to eliminate the 99% of the world who aren’t coaches or therapists
  4. But, expressing where I stand on Brexit could trim that by another 50%

So, before you nail your colours to the mast, ask:

Is this moving me closer to engagement and authority with my next ideal client?

If not, shuddup! 


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