Where Did The Time Go?

Getting stuff done while still leaving time for family and friends can be a massive challenge for entrepreneurs like us.

Canadian recurring revenue pioneer Stu McLaren talks about setting rules and boundaries to make sure you get the balance right.

Here are some of my family-centric habits:

  • Establish cut-offs and stick to them. I share my diary with the family so they can hold me to account for spending non-work time with them
  • Let clients know when they can interact, and when they can’t. This’ll foster respect and authority. What does it say about you if you’re ALWAYS available?
  • Make virtual meetings the default, to limit travelling and maximise home-time. Unless you work on a plane, there’s no excuse to spend half your life in transit.
  • Work from a home-office. Punctuate your day with food and rest breaks in the real world.
  • Learn to delegate, automate and abdicate from doing everything possible in your business. That way you can take breaks, take vacations and it’s all still there when you get back.

One thing I wish for you more than anything is that you savour every moment of your single, precious, irreplaceable life, and fill it with the joy and splendour of your loved ones.

Don’t be that person who looks back and wonders where the time went, and why the kids aren’t kids anymore.

Just don’t. 

Author: Jonny | Tweet me your top family-centric habit

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