Who Not How!

Direct Marketing

In a mastermind group I share with the wonderful Meg Ward, one of the other members mentioned he was going to get some leaflets printed to promote his business.

So far so good but, as I pointed out, it’s not the leaflets that are going to influence your immediate success, it’s who you give them to.

Leaflet campaigns can be a spectacularly bad example of Effortless Marketing, given the need to design, print and collect them, let alone to work out how and to whom to “hand” them out.

In fact, in general, the HOW you construct your marketing message is far less important than to WHOM you deliver it.

Here’s a nice easy sequence to get people buying your stuff:

  1. Find one person who’d be a good client
  2. Talk to them about how you can help them
  3. When they trust you, ask them to pay for your help

Rinse, and repeat.

When that’s going well, create some media (Leaflets, Facebook, emails, videos) and hand them out to the people who already trust you.

If you’re lucky, smart or both, maybe they’ll hand them out to people they know too.


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