Why I Ache


Unbelievably, this is the 200th Daily Brain Tattoo since I launched The Success Party in March 2017. The time has flown by, and I’ve enjoyed the discipline of writing this stuff for you more than anything I can remember in business.

I’m happy, but today I ache. 

I ache all over, because on Friday I had a session with a personal trainer that’s left me throbbing with lactic acid and whatever else makes you hurt after a workout. And not just any PT, but a young rowing champion called Phoebe Wycherley.

Here’s what I learnt from that session:

  • Although I have a gym routine, I’m just going through the motions these days
  • To make any progress, I need to push myself harder. Much harder.
  • I also need to spend time doing the RIGHT things – my routine sucks
  • There’s no way I will consistently improve without someone holding me to account
  • It’ll require a significant investment from me to hire a PT of Phoebe’s calibre

Substitute “business” for “gym” and “coach” for “PT” in the list above.

How much of that now applies to you? 


I’m not a rowing champion, but I’ve been coaching business owners like you for longer than Phoebe’s been alive, and my new small-group programme called The Success Project 2018 kicks off on Wednesday 22nd November, my birthday.

To celebrate publication of this 200th Daily Brain Tattoo, I’m offering a FREE place on The Success Project 2018, worth £1297, to ONE person who answers this question correctly:

  • What’s the name of my new podcast, with EP 1 published last month?

Three criteria to qualify for the prize:

  1. You must be a coach, trainer or therapist with at least 1 paying client
  2. You are available for a Group video call every Wednesday at 18.00 UK time until the 7th February 2018
  3. You are ready to make 2018 your best year yet, and prepared to ACHE for it.

Drawn at random, the lucky winner will get an onboarding call no later than Friday 17th November.

DM me on Facebook with your answer, and a line about why you’re a fit for The Success Project 2018.

Let’s Get On With It!

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