Why I don’t hate spam

This afternoon, I had a guy join the JHM FB Group. 

His profile looked like a coach, so the moderators let him in.

5 minutes later, he posts a huge ugly ad about switching your energy supplier.

I DM’d him:

“What made you think that was a good idea?” 

I wasn’t mad, just amazed.

Here is my range of reactions to the rubbish people fire at me electronically:

  1. Thanks for reminding me why that’s such terrible marketing so I don’t do it. Ever.
  2. Here, let me block you so I never see or hear from you again
  3. Your loss, as I do buy quite a lot of things, but will never buy anything from you

So no, I don’t hate spam.

It just keeps on showing me how not behave. 


PS – The other SPAM. In them tins. Yes, I DO hate that. What’s not to?  

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