Why I felt like a dick this week

Tuesday morning, I wake around 7am.

Look outside. It’s pissing down as usual.

In my hand is a ticket to a mastermind session with a bunch of smart guys. Starts at 9. They’re doing deals to buy and sell companies, something I haven’t done in 20 years.

I wanna get back in the game, so I’d better go. Still I’m trying to find a reason to stay at home.

🧐 What if they realise I’m an imposter?
🧐 What if they laugh at my silly little business?
🧐 What if they wonder how I built a mini-empire then went bankrupt?

Anyway, I’ve bought the ticket, so I go.

Arrive at the room with most people already there. Coffee and croissants abound.

First convo.

What do you do, Jonny?

I help people market their businesses online, using free social media.

Wow! We need to talk. I just bought a business and they’re rubbish at marketing.

Oh ok…

Second convo.

I could really do with some marketing and sales training. My company’s doing £15m a year, but they’ve got zero sales and marketing skills.


The day continues, as I mingle with people building 9-figure conglomerates (That’s $100,000,000 +) who immediately recognise I can bring something to their world they don’t have.

Moral of the story for you (and me).

1: You already have more than enough to attract clients and meet all your financial goals.
2: You just need to walk into a room where people need what you got.
3: Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Especially you, you idiot.

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