Why inspiration is overrated

The legendary Octavia Butler once said, “Forget inspiration, it’s like a fickle lover. Habit is where it’s at, baby. Habits will sustain you whether you’re feeling inspired or not.”

And as you build your 21st century online coaching or therapy business, you probably know how waiting for inspiration usually means you’re filling your days with a whole lot of nuttin’.

So how about building something that doesn’t require inspiration?

When you build habits, they become irresistible, whether you’re feeling inspired or not.

And just like you don’t need to feel inspired to eat lunch, take a shower or wear pyjamas in bed, you don’t need to feel inspired to enact simple marketing habits either:

  • Invite 10 people to your Facebook network each day (10 mins)
  • Connect with 10 people on LinkedIn every day (5 minutes)
  • Start a conversation with ONE new person every day (15 minutes)

Remember, relentless marketing habits form the beating heart of your business.

In half an hour a day, those 3 micro-habits will leave you plenty of time to work on the clunky stuff.

They could also get you paid, today.  

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