Why it matters what others think

Remember the lively debate in JHM last week about whether it mattered what other people thought of you?

Here are some ideas that might help:

1: It matters a whole lot what your ideal clients think of you. Ideally, they should think you’re smart, trustworthy, rational, ethical, insightful and useful, amongst other things.

2: It also matters what your peers think. If they regard you as those things above, they’ll be more likely to want to collaborate with you to mutual benefit.

3: It matters (in varying amounts) what your friends and family think of you. If you’re weirding them out and pushing them away, you could be losing some of your strongest support pillars.

4: Finally, it matters what your coaches and mentors think of you. They’re much more likely to give full value, support and encouragement if they trust you to get a result from their work. Show up as diligent, committed and willing to learn so they give their best to you.

As for everyone else, beyond that shortlist – fuck ’em.

Who cares what some internet random thinks about you or the universe in general?

Those who get you, get you. So work on keeping them close, and to hell with everyone else.

Love you lots

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