Why it’s ALL about money

I’ve noticed that business coaches seem to earn more than life coaches.

Maybe it’s because business coaches can easily promise monetary benefits:

“Buy my £3k programme and I’ll make you £10k this month”

By contrast, a life coach says:

“Buy my £3k programme and I’ll make you happier”

But how about if they talked about money too?

“Buy my £3k programme and I’ll help you:

  • overcome anxiety/PTSD/depression/addiction, or
  • gain clarity on your career and can gain promotions more easily, or
  • discover your true purpose and start your dream business, or
  • reignite your relationship with your spouse and reduce family stress, or
  • stop smoking/lose weight/get fit/cure your allergies…

…so that you can earn more money, save more money, and live a life of freedom, choice and abundance.

Client says, double whammy. I’m in.

It’s all about the money, always.  


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