Why working LESS is the new MORE

I used to play with a bass player who’d sit on a riff of 8 to 10 notes and repeat them over and over while we (keys, guitar + drums) jammed on top.

His favourite phrase was “It’s all about the groooove, man”.

The more we went round and round it, the more intense, addictive and well, groovy, it became.

And in your 21st century coaching or therapy business, it’s just as important to lay down some solid “backing tracks” to improvise on top of.

  • Your ideal client
  • Their biggest challenge
  • What makes their heart sing
  • Your solid programme delivery
  • A profitable pricing policy

None of that needs tinkering with too much once you’ve laid it down, but you’ve plenty of scope to flex your creative muscles with content, events, workshops and other fun stuff your clients will love.

A musical audience needs to feel underlying rhythm, shape and logic in a performance, and your tribe will thank you for the structure you bring to their world too.

What’s your groove looking like today?

Love you lots

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