Why you can’t make money life coaching

Actually, you absolutely CAN make money from life coaching or therapy, but if you’re not, here’s maybe why.

1: You’re not solving a big expensive problem for your clients. You’re tinkering round the edges with something you love to do, but they’re only half-interested in.

2: You’re selling your “services” – hypnotherapy, NLP, reiki, card-reading etc etc – rather than promoting the ultimate benefit your clients experience. Nobody buys your job title or what’s in your toolbox.

3: Related to 2 above, you’re positioning yourself alongside all the other practitioners in your service sector. You’ll need a distinctive brand based on your unique magic sauce if you’re to stand out.

Doing any of this stuff half-heartedly [or not at all!] will mire you in obscurity and repress your earning power forever. 

And although it’s relatively easy to break through and get rolling in the right direction, it’s not instinctive or obvious if you haven’t focused on marketing before.

That’s why I’m revealing my transformation from unknown business consultant (underpaid and overworked) to the effervescent gayblade you know as Jonny Hates Marketing in an all-new workshop called “The Missing Link To Impact and Revenue In Your Life Coaching Or Therapy Business”.


It’ll be the most impactful training I’ve ever done, and you’ll come out of it with a bunch of actionable insights on what it takes to thrive in our profession.

I haven’t set the date yet, but reply with “TMLTIARIYLCOTB” and I’ll make sure you’re the first to get a VIP invite anytime soon. 

Love you lots

PS: You could just type “Workshop” if you can’t be arsed with TMLTIARIYLCOTB. 

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