Why you have to earn money now

You have a gift for what you do, right?

Otherwise, why are you trying to do it – that’d just make everything hard work!

Where do you believe that gift comes from?

Maybe it’s your own hard work, but I’m willing to bet most coaches & therapists will agree that, at some level, it’s a gift from [the Universe, God, Source, Spirit … pick your higher entity of choice].

The point here is that your gift was given to you for two purposes: firstly, so you can use it to look after people, and secondly, so you can look after YOU.

And you do that by making sure you get properly paid.

Because if you can’t pay your bills, then you won’t be able to carry on using your gift for its main purpose, looking after others.

So if the Universe gifted it to you so you can look after yourself and keep using it, maybe you should stop doing it for free.

It’s rude to just give a gift away!


PS: This is a guest DBT by Andrew Horder – Joyful Genius Coach
Also PS: Art credit “Gift From Heaven” by Marina Petro

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