Why you should be fed up

Nothing changes until you’re deeply dissatisfied with where you are today.

Until it becomes literally unbearable that your current situation can continue for a moment longer, nothing’s going to change.

I soldiered on for over a decade serving a rag-bag of cynical clients, systematically being overworked and underpaid, day by day.

But I didn’t stop it for years because I was only mildly unfulfilled.

I had a home, a car, the occasional holiday and a positive bank balance.

I brushed my lack of self esteem under the carpet of comfortable mediocrity.

Then one day, I woke up.

I looked up.

Seeing the impact and wealth being created by others at the top of their game, it hit me how poorly I was living my life.

I got fed up.

Truly, madly fed up.

Suddenly building a personal brand became something I couldn’t NOT do.

Now, 2 years into JHM, I’m still fed up.

Just not so much, but it’s what’s driving me to the next level in 2020.

How fed up are you?


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