Why you’re so much more…

You know how you need to stand out if you’re to succeed as an online brand?

And you know how some people are able to launch quirky ideas that seem to take off?

Well, here’s one.

Skill stacking.

This is where you seamlessly layer more than one aspect of your persona together into one irresistible offering.

Speaking with an EHM member recently, he revealed he’s a skilled plumber as well as a qualified coach, specialising in removing subconscious blocks in people’s minds.

So we played with some plumbing/coaching analogies that could help him promote both his businesses under the same captivating brand:

🚰 Getting in flow
🚰 Unblocking (drains/mindset)
🚰 Under Pressure
🚰 Leaking (pipes/thoughts)
🚰 Freezing (fear/water)

Showing up brazenly as The Coaching Plumber immediately puts him in a field of one.

Talking about what plumbing has taught him about coaching makes him interesting, relatable and fun too.

In the same way my pal Ross Trittipo from Indiana is an ace copywriter and an exceptional carpet cleaner, maybe you have something else that you’re holding back from the world.

So: Exercise – what other skill could you wrap into your work to make you more fascinating to your clients?

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