Why you’re worth MORE than you think

I was talking to a nutritionist about his enthusiasm for drinking loads of water.

Yeah, he said, shame I can’t sell this idea as a number one health tip, but it’s OBVIOUS that everybody knows about water, right?

Well, yes and no. 

Yes, we all know we need water to survive.
We all know what “getting thirsty” feels like.
Some of us might know the body’s made up of around 60% water, so durr, we need it.

But, NO, we don’t drink enough.
Not nearly enough.
Through simple blind ignorance, 75% of the Western population is dehydrated.

A similar dichotomy probably exists between what you think your clients know, and what they actually know.

So, next time you’re struggling to justify your expertise, thinking of what to say next, or how you’re going to help someone, take a breath.

Simply state what’s blindingly obvious to you, based on your knowledge, skills and experience.

That’s what they’re paying you for. 

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