Why you’re writing too much

There’s a famous tale about the legendary writer Ernest Hemingway, when he set some of his fellow authors a challenge.

“Write me a story in six words, and make me cry”, he wagered.

History hasn’t recorded the other entries, but Hemingway’s half-dozen became renowned for their conciseness and emotional gut-punch.

For Sale.
Baby’s Shoes.
Never Worn.

When you’ve finished blubbering – it gets me every time – consider the genius behind the economy of language.

The value and impact you gain from it far exceeds the effort expended in reading it.

And in your 21st century online coaching or therapy business, your potential clients need to feel your writing values their time more highly than yours.

Practice putting across massive, life-changing ideas in as few words as you possibly can.

Then ponder, and cut out a few more.

The minimum viable wordcount is probably way less than you think.

Also, Hemingway’s story makes me eternally grateful my lad got to wear his baby shoes.


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