Without this, you’re stuffed

I remember talking to the brilliant Steve Blampied [AKA The Mind Fixer] via a video call in the summer of 2019.

I say “talking”, as he was holidaying in his glorious French home where the internet is patchy, to say the least.

It was one of those conversations that brought to mind the first mobile phones back in the late 80s.

Lots of “Hellooo…can you hear me Steve?” and “Sorry I missed that…”

Not a good connection.

It got me thinking about the MVT – Minimum Viable Technology – you need to be a coach, therapist or consultant in the 21st century. 

  • You don’t NEED a website. Some of the most successful coaches I know don’t have one.
  • You don’t NEED any social media profiles, although a personal FB account might help show you’re not an alien!
  • You don’t NEED email lists, funnels and sales pages.

Those things are kind of second-stage luxuries, once you’re rolling.

No, the current-day MVT is simply a reliable internet connection, with enough bandwidth to hold video calls.

You’ve got permission to grow a global business, right there.


PS: It’s Facebook February in the JHM Group, with the emphasis on FB Groups, obvs. I’m giving you 28 FB Pro-Tips (One-A-Day) and here’s yesterday’s golden nugget.

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