Writing so much is hard

Jonny Hates Marketing

A gifted coach asked me this week how I’ve managed to write 2036 Daily Brain Tattoos since 2017. And people regularly say how they wish they knew how to publish a bestselling book, let alone two. 

They’re both questions I’m not qualified to answer, and neither is anyone else. All I can tell you is how I wrote my first DBT, and how the second followed from that.

Then came the third, and the next and the next.

And each one started with a single sentence. An idea I wanted to put across, which lead to the beginning, middle and end of a tiny story. A one-minute read, like what you’re reading now.

Six months in, I had enough content for my first book. Two years later, more than enough for my second book.

So my question to you as you enjoy this glorious weekend:

What ordinary thing could you start today, and build into something extraordinary? 

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