Writing Week: Day ONE

In the build-up to my Persuasive Writing Mastery Workshop on the 30th October, I’m gonna give you six days of short, sharp tips to supercharge your impact, engagement and revenue from the stuff you write. 

Today: Never Get Stuck For Something To Write About

This is one of my favourite hacks, and it’s served me these last six years.

You can create an endless supply of subject ideas by making (and maintaining) two simple lists.

List One: Things my ideal client wants less of – pain, anguish, work, chaos, noise etc etc

List Two: Things my ideal client wants more of – pleasure, fun, freedom, money, sex etc etc

Write out those lists and don’t stop till you’ve exhausted everything you’ve heard your ICA tell you about their challenges, hopes and dreams. Then, when you want to write a post, blog or email, simply pick one word from your magic lists and spin out a topic based on it.

Not only will you never run out of ideas, but you’ll always be on point with something they’re actually interested in. 


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