It’s The Wrong Way Round!


I was talking to a newbie coach last week, who explained his plans for his first 12 months in business.

He is going to build his tribe of devoted followers paying $25 a month for the most awesome collection of tutorials, eBooks and videos known to man.

All he needs is 200 subscribers and he’ll be able to take it easy for a while.

Then, some of those subscribers will join his face-to-face coaching programmes and he’ll live a happy and fulfilled life, he says.

Here’s why doing it the OTHER way round is a much better idea:

  • Getting 200 subscribers to ANYTHING is hard. Really, really hard. Especially when you don’t have a ready-made audience
  • Getting ONE client to agree to a face-to-face coaching programme is much, much easier
  • Getting the next ten face-to-face clients gets progressively easier still as the power of referrals, recommendations and testimonials kicks in
  • Working with clients 1-2-1 for a while teaches you what you need to put in an online course or subscription package later
  • You’ll generate case studies which you can use to eventually market your online course
  • You’ll create some revenue to spend on advertising. You’ll NEED to advertise to get 200 subscribers.

UPDATE: Since our conversation, my newbie-coach client has taken on TWO 1-2-1 clients of his own at $500 pm each.

You have to believe that’s easier than signing up 40 new subscribers!

Let’s Get On With It!

PS: I have space for ONE more 1-2-1 client this year. Hit REPLY and type “Tell me more, Jonny”, then press SEND, and I will tell you more about how I can help you find all the clients you will ever need.

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