You got Spielberg’s address book?

Seth Godin reminded me of the power of connections, when he asked:

“If you stole Steven Spielberg’s address book, would it help you get a movie made?”

Why is the answer most likely “NO!”?

👉 You don’t know any of the people in the great man’s book, and they don’t know you.

So, no matter how many you called, or what you said to them, they’d mostly find it easy to ignore you.

And in your expert business, it’s equally futile to imagine that having access to a random crowd of strangers will bring you any kind of success.

Here’s the antidote:

😎 Build your OWN community of your ideal clients
😎 Position yourself as a leader by sharing useful insights
😎 Nurture relationships through showing you can help them
😎 Start conversations with those ready to communicate with you
😎 Make offers to take them to the next level with you, regularly

It’s not just about what you know, and it’s not even just about WHO you know, anymore.

It’s about who knows you, and how they feel about you.

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